Menu of Services

Complimentary Services & Amenities
Our complementary services and amenities include everything from arranging for hotel reservations to providing a cup of coffee.

Amenities Available for Purchase
Does your friend or family need personal items while in the hospital? No time to catch dinner prior to visiting a loved one? Our concierge is at your service to order these items for you. Your only cost is the expense incurred for the items purchased. We can arrange for comfort items, special coffee requests, snacks, and restaurant meal delivery.

Spa Offerings
Looking for a gift other than flowers for a friend or family member while they are in the hospital? A massage or manicure may be the perfect gift. These and other services are available through Concierge Care. Our Spa Offerings menu includes detailed information on services offered, availability and pricing.

Restaurant Meal Delivery
Concierge Care has made arrangements with local restaurants to deliver meals for patients and their guests. The menus have been customized to include important nutritional information. All food requests will be discussed with our clinical care team to comply with the patient's dietary and health restrictions.

Contact the concierge at 732-741-2700, extension 1111, to place your order with one of our local restaurants.