Diabetes Management Center

About Our Diabetes Management Center

Diabetes and Nutrition Management

There is a lot of nutrition information available, and sometimes it may be challenging to figure out what is accurate and what doesn’t really work. The Diabetes Management Center at Meridian Endocrinology at Holmdel provides services to help effectively manage your diabetes, as well as other medical nutrition therapies to address additional nutritional concerns.

Some of the reasons you may seek services of a registered dietitian include:

• Diabetes management

• Weight management

• Food allergies or intolerances

• Nutritional needs before, during, or after pregnancy

• Heart health nutrition, including hypertension and high cholesterol

• Digestive disorders including, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, celiac, and Crohn’s Disease

• Kidney disease

• Pediatric and adolescent nutrition

• Eating disorders

Our registered dietitian helps to separate the facts from fads and translate the latest scientific finding into easy-to-understand nutrition information. Our dietitians have completed academic requirements established by the American Dietetic Association’s credentialing agency, including passing a national exam and continuing professional education.

Getting Started

You will need a prescription from your doctor. Once you have your prescription, please call 732-530-2555 to schedule your appointment. Even if you have not yet obtained your prescription or scheduled your appointment, please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have about the program.

Care Locations

  • The Diabetes Management Center is located at 100 Commons Way, Suite 140, in Holmdel.

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