Breast MRI Procedure

About the Breast MRI Procedure

Riverview offers greater peace of mind for women who are at high risk for breast cancer, particularly those with a strong family history of breast cancer or a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. Our breast MRI features the DynaCad system, which provides computer-assisted diagnostic capability, enabling the radiologist to provide the most accurate interpretation possible. The American Cancer Society recently issued a recommendation that women who are at high risk, particularly those with a strong family history of breast cancer or a genetic predisposition to the disease, have a breast MRI in conjunction with their annual mammography screening. By combining these modalities, we have an improved chance of detecting breast cancer at an early stage, offering women an increased chance of survival.

Breast MRI uses magnetic resonance imaging to distinguish between benign and malignant lesions. Although Breast MRI can detect tumors in dense breast tissue, it cannot detect breast cancer at its earliest stage (microcalcifcations or tiny specks of calcium). Half of the cancers are detected at this stage by mammography, which is why annual mammography is still your best first line of defense.

Armed with the most advanced technology, expert physicians and the caring staff at the Jane H. Booker Women's Center at Riverview provide a truly multi-disciplinary approach to assessing and treating breast cancer, through:

  • Specialists with Extensive Expertise and Training
    Riverview's OB/GYNs, radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons are among the finest in the tri-state area. They hail from the premier medical settings, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, New York Columbia Presbyterian, and Yale University. The center also offers the expertise of a nurse navigator—to guide women from diagnosis through to recovery.

  • Access to Booker Cancer Center
    At Riverview, women have access to a comprehensive cancer center. Booker Cancer Center offers the latest technology, dedicated inpatient oncology units and outpatient infusion centers, a genetics program, dietary and social work programs, counseling, support groups, private rooms and accommodations for family members. Additionally, our affiliation with Fox Chase Cancer Center, enables our patients to participate in numerous clinical trials and provides access to numerous research protocols.

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