Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

About Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans at Riverview Medical Center

What is a CT Scan?

CT stands for computed tomography, a technique using x-rays to make images of your body in a cross sectional way. A CT image typically is thought of as a slice and allows the radiologist to look inside the body to view healthy and diseased tissues throughout the entire body.

What is a 64-Slice CT Scan?

CT-1 Riverview’s 64-Slice or Multi-slice CT provides incredibly clear images by allowing our technicians and radiologists to acquire thinner slices and 3D images, at the lowest dose of radiation. This detailed view leads to faster diagnosis and treatment planning for physicians and their patients. Additionally, greater anatomical coverage in a short time means shorter breath holds, which is a key factor for older or medically compromised individuals who have difficulty or discomfort with this part of the test. The 64-Slice is also useful for determining one’s risk of coronary disease with 64-Slice CT Angiography.

How does a CT scan work?

You will be lying down while the images are being taken. Our team will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. The table you are lying on will slide inside the scanner, which looks like a giant ring, so that the x-ray emitter and detectors may spin around you in order to gather the necessary information and images.

How long does a CT scan take to complete?

The average length of time for an exam is 20 minutes, although every scan is different depending on the imaging needs of the patients.

Does having a CT scan hurt?

Some exams require an IV for injection of contrast.

What will the CT scan tell me?

CT scans allow radiologists to look inside your body to ensure all internal bones and soft tissues, including organs and muscles are working properly, so that if disease or abnormalities exist your doctor will be able to make appropriate and timely treatment recommendations. CT scans are also often used during cancer treatments to monitor the effectiveness of different treatments in a patient’s care.

When will I receive the results of my exam?

For most scans, your doctor will receive the report of your exam within 24 hours so your doctor may discuss the results and any necessary treatment plans with you. For reports needing immediate attention the radiologist will inform your doctor immediately following the exam.

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