Combined endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery (CELS)

As one of only few medical centers in the country, and one of only a few in New Jersey, to perform the procedure, Riverview Medical Center now offers a less invasive option for patients undergoing colon surgery. Combined endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery (CELS) blends the expertise of both a gastroenterologist and a surgeon to remove large or difficult to reach polyps without the need to remove part of the colon.

How it differs from traditional methods

Traditionally, polyps are removed endoscopically through a colonoscopy, and are usually safely and completely removed using different tools that can be passed through the scope itself. However, sometimes due to location or size, removal through endoscopic techniques alone isn’t always feasible or possible. In these cases it must be removed surgically which prior to CELS involved removing part of the colon.

Using a hybrid approach, your gastroenterologist will approach the polyp endoscopically, while your surgeon approaches it laparoscopically to more easily remove it while also sparing the colon. The combined approach allows the physicians to view both the inside and outside of the bowel wall to more easily locate and treat the polyp.

Patient benefits

Results may vary depending on the individual patient, but typically patients whose polyps are removed using the hybrid approach vs. traditional laparoscopy experience a shorter procedure time, less time in the hospital during follow-up, minimal scarring thanks to smaller incisions, and reduced risk of post-operative complications.

About Polyps and Colon Cancer

While most polyps are benign (or noncancerous), it is important that every polyp be removed to prevent the risk of it becoming cancerous later on. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer among men and women (excluding skin) and the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States. While the majority of people who suffer from it are over age 50, it can occur at any age. It is important that everyone be aware of the symptoms or screening recommendations for colon cancer, as well as be aware of changes in bowel habits.

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At Riverview Medical Center small incisions, expert physicians, and outstanding medical care set the surgical patient experience apart from the rest. Thanks to advances in technology as well as a highly skilled group of physicians working together on many cases, Riverview is consistently at the forefront of surgical advances and provides our community with many options when it comes to surgery. Learn more about our surgical services.


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