Get on the Team

Get on the Team

Identifying and treating a stroke requires a team approach.

As part of Team #1, it is important that YOU know the signs, symptoms, and actions to take in the event of a stroke!

TEAM #1: Friends and Family
In the event of a stroke, you may not be able to tell someone what you are experiencing because your speech may be slurred. If your family and friends have been taught to identify the signs and symptoms and know what to do, you may greatly improve your chances for recovery.

TEAM #2: The EMS Team
Always call 911 in the event of a stroke. Time is crucial because "Time Lost is Brain Lost." An EMS team can transport you to the closest Primary Stroke Center – quickly and efficiently.

TEAM #3: The Stroke Team
Upon arrival the Stroke Team can quickly assess and determine whether or not you are a candidate for tPA. There are a lot of factors but most important is coming in within the three hour window after you've begun experiencing symptoms. The sooner you see the Stroke Team, the greater your chance of recovery.

TEAM #4: The Rehabilitation Team
After you have been stabilized and treated you may experience some effects from the stroke. This is when a great Rehabilitation Team can help you get back to your way of life.

Download our Stroke Risk Scorecard to assess your risk

If you suspect a stroke, be "a team player", call 911 immediately, and ask to go to a Primary Stroke Center.

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