Brainsuite iCT

Now available at Riverview Medical Center, Brainsuite iCT® is a digitally integrated operating room solution that combines image guided surgery technology, a multi-slice intra-operative CT scanner, and comprehensive OR data management to improve the surgical experience.

How Does it Work?

Integrating the CT scanner into the surgical procedure provides surgeons with more precise and up-to-date anatomical information during surgery. This helps surgeons ensure they have achieved the objective of the procedure right away, as opposed to having to wait until the surgery is complete to verify.

The image guided system links the CT images with the spatial position of the surgical instruments used, providing higher level of accuracy by the surgeon and resulting in more precise and safer procedure for the patient.

Here is an overview of a typical surgery using Brainsuite iCT.

Why Brainsuite iCT?

Brainsuite iCT is designed to improve the surgical experience for surgeons and their patients by:

•  Providing more precise and up-to-date anatomical information to physicians during surgery, resulting in more timely decisions.
•  Eliminating the need to move patients during surgery.
•  Providing a less invasive procedure for the patient resulting in reduced trauma, faster recovery, and short hospital stays.

When is Brainsuite iCT a surgical option?

Brainsuite iCT is beneficial for a range of surgical specialties, including:

•  Cranial
•  Spinal
•  Ears, Nose, and Throat
•  Head and Neck
•  Cranio-maxillofacial (CMF)
•  Trauma
•  Orthopedics

Care Locations

  • Riverview Medical Center, 1 Riverview Plaza, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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