Patient Stories

The Riverview Difference

We know our surgeons and our patients have a choice when it comes to surgery. Any hospital can provide the latest equipment, but Riverview has long been known for not only providing outstanding services and quality care, but a great experience that keeps our patients coming back.

Betty, Middletown

BettyBreast and Gynecologic Surgery

"So many people travel to New York because they think they are going to get the best treatment, but I was lucky enough to get the best treatment just minutes from home. I am so lucky that these surgeons choose to live here and practice at Riverview."

Dawn, Rumson

DawnGynecologic Surgery

"Growing up in the area and growing up with Riverview as part of my life immediately made me feel at ease when I found out I would need surgery. From the moment I walked into Riverview to the day I went home, each and every person I encountered went above and beyond the scope of their jobs."

John, Hazlet

JohnVascular Surgery

"My entire experience at Riverview was nothing but positive. Surgery is never a happy experience, but the staff and surgeon were phenomenal from the time I checked in for preoperative testing through surgery and my return home."

Beth, Middletown

BethLaparoscopic Surgery for a hernia

"I couldn’t believe how peaceful and calm the entire experience was. My nurse was amazing and made me feel so at ease. If I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have done it sooner."

Ted and Dorothy, Neptune

Ted-and-DorothyTotal Knee and Total Hip Replacements

"We could have been doing so much more if we hadn’t waited so long. The surgeries have been the best thing for both of us."

Ana, Shrewsbury

AnaBreast Surgery

"I am lucky to have Riverview so close to my home, because I know I will be treated kindly and will be in the best hands. Having my surgeons here has been a blessing."

Courtney, South Amboy

CourtneySpine Surgery

"I don’t remember ever feeling that good before, as I did after my surgery. The entire experience with my surgeon and Riverview has changed my life completely, and I am thrilled to be where I am today."

Sara, Middletown

SaraGynecologic Surgery

"It took a lot to get pregnant, and thanks to the expertise of the doctors at Riverview, my husband and I were able to start a family and begin life as parents."

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