Volunteer Opportunities

One of the nice things about volunteering is that it allows individuals to bring their own life experiences and special talents to their volunteer positions.

Meridian's goal is to match each volunteer's needs and interests with the position that is right for him or her. Opportunities are endless and vary from hospital to hospital.

Examples of Services Offered Throughout Meridian Health:

  • Clerical: Typing, copying, and answering phones in a number of departments.
  • Customer Relations: Visiting and assisting patients who have infrequent guests.
  • Emergency Room: Assisting staff as needed in a fast-paced environment.
  • Gift Shop: Serving as salesperson, taking inventories, and wrapping gifts.
  • Information Desk: Providing general and patient information at the main desk.
  • Pastoral Care: Assisting staff, which may involve informing patients of the availability of the pastor's services.
  • Patient Aides: Distributing water to patients, assisting in menu selections, and running errands.
  • Surgical Department: Comforting patients, assisting staff with clerical needs, and serving as a liaison between staff, family, and friends in waiting area.
  • Transportation: Taking patients by wheelchair through admitting and discharge procedures and to hospital testing areas.